(NEWSER– You're probably aware of health concerns tied to coffee—but you may not know that your dependence could amount to a diagnosable problem. In a recent study, researchers find that Caffeine Use Disorder may be more of a problem than many doctors realize. "There is misconception among professionals and lay people alike that caffeine is not difficult to give up. However, in population-based studies, more than 50% of regular caffeine consumers report that they have had difficulty quitting or reducing caffeine use," says study author Laura Juliano via Eureka Alert.

Do you have the disorder? Quartz points to three key symptoms:

  • You want, or have tried, to quit or reduce your caffeine intake.
  • You know caffeine leads to health problems for you—it makes it hard to sleep, for instance—but you keep using the stuff.
  • You suffer from withdrawal symptoms, which can include headaches or nausea, if you don't get your daily dose.

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