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Courtney Love's "Twibel" trial is apparently becoming quite the tearjerker for the rocker. 

According to "Spin," Love started crying on the witness stand Wednesday afternoon while talking about her relationship with her daughter, Frances Bean.  The latest tears came just one day after Love reportedly began sobbing during the testimony of Canadian businessman Phillip Gross. 

Gross was discussing a guitar he bought from one of Kurt Cobain's former guitar techs that supposedly belonged to the Nirvana frontman but ultimately turned out to be a fake.  The apparent mishandling of her late husband's legacy reportedly caused Love to cover her face with her hands and start crying. 

The on-and-off Hole frontwoman is currently the subject of the first Twitter-related libel case to make it to trial in the U.S.  It stems from a 2010 tweet that allegedly claimed Love's then-lawyer, Rhonda Holmes, had been "bought off." 

Love argued last week that the tweet was merely opinion, and said that she only intended to send the message to two people.  Both sides are expected to give their closing arguments on Thursday. 

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