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The Led Zeppelin reissue project hasn't been abandoned. 

Guitarist Jimmy Page first revealed plans to put together deluxe editions of all the band's albums in November 2012.  And Page announced in a recent website post that the reissues would be arriving this year. 

While Page's post was quickly removed, Rhino Records is confirming the plans -- even though the label isn't handling the project.  A Rhino rep tells the albums will be reissued through Swan Song/Atlantic, the label that released the original albums back in the 1960s and '70s.  Zeppelin recently worked with Rhino to release their concert CD and DVD "Celebration Day." 

The reissues are apparently being rolled out chronologically, with the band's self-titled debut, Led Zeppelin 2, and Led Zeppelin 3 reportedly on the way.  Specific release dates haven't been announced yet. 

In discussing the project 15 months ago, Page told "Rolling Stone" the deluxe sets would contain "really substantial stuff," including "different versions of things" and "different approaches to the mixes." 

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