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Don Felder is putting a new spin on an Eagles classic.  The singer has recorded a new version of his former band's massive, 1977 hit with members of Styx and Foreigner. 

Felder, who co-wrote "Hotel California," admits he was "a bit perplexed" about how to remake the song.  But he says he eventually came up with an arrangement that "grows from this acoustic steel-string version to where the electric guitars come in at the end."  Felder shares lead vocals on the track with Styx frontman Tommy Shaw and Foreigner singer Kelly Hansen. 

The new "Hotel California" will be on the upcoming release The Soundtrack of Summer, an album Felder, Foreigner, and Styx have put together as a companion CD to their collaborative tour.  The disc will be available as a Walmart exclusive on May 6th.  Their tour will begin in Wichita, Kansas on May 14th. 

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