image: YouTube
Posted by: MikeTheWebGuy

Personally, I made the switch to the Samsung Galaxy platform last year when he disappointing reveal about the "new" iPhone were the plastic backs, fingerprint scanner and gold colors available with the "c" and "s" models. It seems with their new TV ad...

Apple is trying to get back into the smartphone game with their strength: music. Sure, having the Pixies in your ad helps but so does showcasing how the iPhone is used by musicians as a recorder and in performing. It doesn't hurt that the phone can also launch rockets!

My question is: does this ad help Apple recapture their share of the smartphone market? Personally, I think the Apple tech bubble was popped with the letdown release of the 4S, Siri wasn't enough for tech fans who always want more than what designers can produce. Are you ready to go back to an iPhone?