Celebrate World Taiji Day with us on Saturday, April 29, 2017.  

Starting at 10:30 am at Foundational Health in Wantage, we will be offering a Self Defense Seminar for women and brief history of Taiji, its origin and evolution.

At 1:30 join us in Sparta at 172 Woodport Road (just across from the 7-Eleven) for demonstrations in open hand forms, weapons, push hands, standing and silk reeling.
Taiji (Tai Chi) is an ancient martial art form which is the foundation of all current martial arts with its origins that date back to the 1500/1600 in China. Today Taiji is making a huge resurgence around the world.


Although well suited for your grandparents, it is so much more than assisting the elderly with balance as touted by many medical professionals. Its mental, physical and spiritual properties benefit a healthy lifestyle for all ages. But, make no mistake as it is a powerful martial art form. Come and explore its meditative qualities and also experience firsthand this force to be reckoned with.

 John Seipel has been teaching Taiji in New Jersey since 2013.  Previously living, training and teaching in Philadelphia. His training and teaching come directly from the grand masters of Chen Taiji from China. His unique ability lies in his capacity to share and teach (anyone who wants to learn) regardless of gender, age, ability or religion. 

 For more information please call 215.410.997