29% of People Have Run Out During a Date With Someone They Met Online
And only 14% say they trust everything they read in someone's online dating profile. 
A Man's Bad Dancing Got Him Kicked Out of a Club . . . So He Punched a Police Car
He was so upset that he started screaming outside and kicking over signs.  Police pulled up to try to calm him down . . . and he ended up PUNCHING the hood of the police car.


A Man Robs a Bank . . . and Brings His Tiny Chihuahua With Him


After the man got an undisclosed amount of money, he picked up his little dog and ran out.





A Guy Dressed Up as a Cop to Impress His Girlfriend . . . and Got Arrested for Impersonating an Officer


He even wore a bulletproof vest, a badge, and a fully loaded GUN on his hip.   





A Woman Stabs Her Husband For Worshipping NASCAR Instead of God

Fortunately, her husband survived.  He's in the hospital right now.
A Guy at Taco Bell Hit a Stranger in the Head With a Chair . . . For Burping Without Saying "Excuse Me"
His next match is against John Cena .......