57% of People Sometimes Fantasize About Someone Else During Sex


You're not going to like these odds.







A Guy Is Written Up at Work For Loudly Singing a Parody of Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It"



There's a photo circulating around online right now that shows a guy's disciplinary write-up at work . . . for one of the funniest reasons possible.









A Man Is Suing New York For $2 Trillion Trillion Trillion . . . Because a Dog Bit Him and the Airport Charges Too Much For Coffee



That's a two followed by 36 zeroes . . . and we're pretty sure that's more than all of the money in the entire world combined.









A Thief Was Hit By a Car, the Car Took Off, the Cops Tracked It Down and Found Drugs . . . And Everyone Was Arrested



Cops in Toronto managed to pull off a pretty impressive CRIME FIGHTING TRIFECTA on Saturday night.











A Guy Collapses at a Bar . . . So a Stranger Steals His Wallet and Buys Everyone a Round of Drinks



Luckily a security camera got it all on video.