A Guy Sent His Wife a Spreadsheet With All the Reasons She'd Turned Him Down For Sex

Apparently she'd been turning him down for sex A LOT . . . so he started keeping track of her excuses.

You Can Buy the Longest Ancient Poop Ever Found, For Just $10,000
It will be up for auction in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday.  It's expected to go for $8,000 to $10,000.

A 58-Year-Old Woman Shot Her Boyfriend For Being Bad in Bed

If you find yourself getting LAZY in bed, always trying to be the one who lies on their back while the other person does all the work . . . don't panic.  But you may get SHOT.




A Guy Robs a Fast Food Joint, Then Goes Back to Eat . . . and They Recognize Him From His "Muppets" Hat

He was wearing a bright green shirt and a hat featuring Animal from "The Muppets" at the time . . . and security cameras got a great look at him and his questionable fashion choices.




A Woman Tried to Shoplift a Sex Toy by Hiding It in a Stroller Under Her Kid

On Friday, the manager of a Spencer's gift shop in Spartanburg, South Carolina stopped a 38-year-old woman named Misty Lee on her way out of the store, and accused her of trying to steal a SEX TOY.