An Arsonist Tries to Burn Down a Building . . . But Accidentally Sets Himself on Fire and Leaves His Wallet Behind




He did a little damage to the building but firefighters were able to put it out quickly.




(Daytona Beach News-Journal)








A Man Robs a Store Because He Felt Two Beers Should've Cost $3, Not $3.75




If your reason to rob a store is that their beers are overpriced by 37-and-a-half cents each, maybe you were just looking for ANY reason.




(South Florida Sun-Sentinel)






A Man Tries to Smuggle Drugs Into Jail in His Butt . . . Then Punches Another Inmate For Breaking Wind




During his standard strip search, deputies found, quote, "a foreign object protruding [from his] anus area."




(Evansville Courier & Press / The Smoking Gun)