A Guy Eats Five Sandwiches Behind the Wheel, Chokes on the Fifth One, and Causes a Deadly Car Crash




He's charged with "death by dangerous driving."And if he's found guilty, he could face up to 14 years in jail.











A Woman Tries to Set Her Ex's House on Fire Using a Pound of Bacon




It's a shame to see bacon go to waste like this.













An 80-Year-Old Man Is Robbed After He Hires a Prostitute Named Amy . . . And "She" Turns Out to Be a Man Named Frank




The 80-year-old wasn't interested in THAT action, so he told Frank to leave.As Frank left, another guy came up to the room and ROBBED the 80-year-old.













A U.S. Marshal Catches a Fugitive He's Been Hunting When They Wind Up at the Same Salad Bar




The marshal says he went back to eating unlimited meat.