After my interview, I can't believe I got the gig here! Well, here is what not to say in an inteview.....

Here are five more items to add to that list.

I just need a job.
They want employees who will thrive in the position and remain loyal to the company.

What's in it for me?
The same goes for questions about benefits, how soon you’ll get a promotion, or any other scenario that looks like you want to get more out of the job than you will give to it.

I'm also interviewing with ________.
Even if you are interviewing elsewhere, make them feel that you have a laser beam focus on them, and no one else.” Mentioning other interviews won’t make you seem sought-after; it will make you seem unprofessional.

At least try to flatter me that you've done some homework about the company.

The wrong name.
Take the time to make certain you know the name of your interviewer. This small step seems trivial but it is absolutely vital.