I miss the days before the internet.  Sure there are great things about the world wide web, but I feel like we all know too much about eachother.  We see too much of eachother.  And we've forgotten how to interact as humans.  

This is a great story about Tony Gwynn from a bat boy of the Padres in the late 80's and early 90's.  It paints a picture of Tony Gwynn that is exactly what we have heard time and time again, especially since his death.  

Today our sports stars are asked to do more than just play ball.  They have to be role models online, and in person.  And while they make great money to play the games we all love, they aren't supposed to be well read or well spoken - are they?  

RIP Tony.  You were a great baseball player and, apparently, an even better human being.

Read the story from Tony Gwynn's Bat Boy here


Getty Images - Tony Gwynn