The Netflix Shows You Can Binge in a Single Setting

posted by Gary Cee -

The great website Thrillist has put together an interesting piece all about the Netflix shows you can binge-watch in a single sitting.  On some of these, you'll certainly need a long single sitting.

I haven't seen all of these, but "Black Mirror" is on this list and that show is terrific.  I call it a "Twilight Zone" for the 21st Century.  You don't even need to watch it in a single sitting, as every episode is self-contained.  W/Bob & David is on this list, with the great Bob Odenkirk from "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul."  (Odenkirk is also great in the latest Steven Spielberg film "The Post.")

Missing from this list: "American Vandal," which is very funny and very well-done.

Here's the list.  

Photo: Pixabay - Photo: Pixabay