When "See Something, Say Something" backfires...

Just when you try to do something nice for someone...

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SANDUSKY, OHIO — A caregiver at an assisted living facility performed a strip tease and lap dance for a 100-year-old patient, and has been rewarded with a string of sex charges.

Video shows caregiver Brittany Fultz, 26, seducing the elderly man, flashing her buttocks and dancing around him in his room. Detectives on the case claim she performed lewd acts in front of him, which included straddling his leg. 

In the video, Fultz can be heard saying, “I can show you new things! I can show you new things!” as well as “I won’t tell if you won’t. I’m a girl. You know what that means.”

According to police, this brand of attention was not something he wanted. The elderly man reportedly suffers from dementia.

 Brittany’s coworker, who recorded the video, turned it into management at the care center. 

Police found the video disturbing, and charged Fultz with gross sexual imposition, a fourth degree felony, for touching the senior citizen. 

Both Fultz and the coworker have since been terminated by the assisted care facility. Sandusky Police say Fultz may face additional charges, as well. 

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