Today's Garden State Giveaway is the easiest yet!

Two for Tuesday March, 7th
Cloudy and Rainy all day. Warmer , Hi 50

SHOP IS OPEN : 973 - 823 - 1037
at 7:05 this morning it will quite possibly be the EASIEST "NNJ Garden State Giveaway" we've ever had on the show. ( We mentioned this yesterday a few times on the air yesterday.)
What local High School just won their FIRST EVER State Championship in Wrestling ? 

Was it :
A) Hi Point Regional
B) Lenape Valley
C) Pope John

The first correct caller when we open the phones at 7:05 could win up to $20,000 with the new " Kisses and Cash" game from the New Jersey Lottery. 


I thought I would bring back this gem for todays video selection. Its an "oldie but a goodie"
I learned about this a few years ago when it had less than 500,000 views.
145 Million views later, I give you the ORIGINAL " Dumb Ways To DIE"  
PLEASE, share it with your kids.  Its a great learning tool and a definite earworm. ENJOY!
  Lets make it a great day.

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