Wednesday,March 8th. Heres todays schedule !

Wednesday , March 8th . Rain this morning . Partly sunny this afternoon . Hi 55

Coming up at 7:05 its another installment of the "NNJ Garden State Giveaway"

Your QUESTION of THE DAY is :                                                       

There has just been information released by Wikileaks about an alleged spying tool, co-developed by the CIA and the UK's MI5 security agency, which lets a Samsung Smart TV (specifically, the F8000 Smart TV) pretend to turn itself off -- and record your conversations -- when you're not using the screen
What is this tool called? :  
A) Big Brother
B) Weeping Angel
C) 'Ol Blue Eyes

The first correct caller when we open the phones at 7:05 could win up to $20,000 with the new "Kisses and Cash" tickets from the N.J. Lottery. 

Just after 8am , Rusty Young from the classic Country Rock band POCO checks in with Borasio talking about  his new music and his upcoming show this Friday at the Newton Theatre. 

tickets are available at 

SHOP is OPEN : 973 823 -1037 

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