The "Great White Hurricane" of 2017 is on the way.

Here is your Monday morning "Garden State Giveaway" question of the day:

Nobody alive today was on the planet during the original "Great White Hurricane. Records say that the weather preceding the blizzard was unseasonably mild with heavy rains that turned to snow as temperatures dropped rapidly. The storm began in earnest shortly after midnight on March 12, and continued unabated for a full day and a half.  The National Weather Service estimated this Nor'easter dumped as much as 50 inches (130 cm) of snow in parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts, while parts of New Jersey and New York had up to 40 inches.

What year did this storm make history? 


First correct caller at 7:05 wins a chance at up to $20,000 with the "Kisses and Cash" scratch-off game from the NJ Lottery 

Lets make it a great day

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