Day #2 ... "The Aftermath of STELLA"

Wednesday , March 15th.
Overacast and Colder. Possible flurries. Hi temp 22

The NNJ Garden State Giveaway
While New Jersey has some amazing natural landscapes, it doesnt have some of the incredible rock formations like Utah , Arizona and some other states out west.
It DOES however have some unique and inexplicable displays of Mother Natures handy work .

Name this curious rock formation located in KinnelonNew Jersey in the Pyramid Mountain Natural Historical Area. This famous multi-ton boulder, located near the edge of a long ridge, is balanced on three smaller boulders. It is roughly 6 metres long, 3 metres wide, and 2.5 metres high. Its weight has been estimated as approximately 127 tonnes.

The first correct caller when we open the phones wins a chance at up to $20,000 with the N.J. Lotteires "Kisses and Cash" game. 

At  8:05 Ill give you the first "Mets Morning Show Mash Up" of the season. 
Its worth a pair of seats to see the Mets on Wednesday , April 5th as they take on the Atlanta Braves.

SHOP IS OPEN: (973) 823 - 1037

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