Hello, Spring...

Monday morning ..March 20th.
The first official day of spring we'll have sunshine and blue sky . Hi 48

7:05 : The NNJ Garden State Giveaway.
Here's your QUESTION Of THE DAY:
Like myself, the drummer of Grand Funk Railroad , Don Brewer is a huge animal lover.
   He resides in Florida with his wife Sunny Quinn, who is a 23-year radio veteran. They have two daughters and four grandsons. They have four cats and a HORSE. Don and Sunny have both done work for animal rescues in their community.
What is Dons' HORSES Name ??
A) Silver
B) Drummer
C) Apache 

First correct caller when we go to the phones at 7:05 could win up to $20, 000 with the NJ Lotteries ' Kisses and Cash" game

Then after 8am  Don Brewer checks in to catch up with us and talk about the latest in the world of G.F.R

Shop is open  973- 823 -1037

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