Welcome to a new week. Here's what ya need to know

Monday March 27th. 

Scattered Rain showers today. HI 60

Here's your NNJ Garden State Giveaway

A new survey from PR NEWSWIRE found the most common distractions for people when they're driving.

What was the most common ? 
A) Eating or Drinking
B) Phone calls
C) Adjusting the radio
D) Texting

 The first correct caller at 7:05am has a shot at up to $20,000 in the " Kisses and Cash" game from the NJ Lottery

Here are some of the headlines you may have missed over the weekend :

State Bills Teen Killed in Car Crash for Damaged Guardrail 

Worlds Fastest Police Car Goes over 250 MPH 

Canada's Biggest School System Bans Trips to the US 

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Our Spring-tacular Auction is happening right now.. BUT IT ENDS TODAY at 6pm
Check the status of all the bids HERE

Did you know there is an actual song called "The Auctioneer" !!
 Its quite the ear worm ... enjoy! 

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