We've got your Music, Money and Mets tickets !!

Wednesday, March 29th
Mix of Sun and Clouds. HI 55

At 7:05am its the  NNJ Garden State Giveaway
Heres your "QUESTION of the DAY"

Its was on this day in 1886 the world was given the gift of Coca-Cola.
    John Pemberton created the first batch, brewed over a backyard fire. It was meant to be a hangover/ stomachache/headache cure. He advertised it as a “brain tonic and intellectual beverage.” The original kick from Coca-Cola came from a surprise ingredient: cocaine.
Where did John live ??
A) Atlanta, Georgia
B) Warwick , New York
C) Las Vegas, Nevada

the first correct caller when we open the phones has a chance at up to $20,000 with the "Kisses and Cash" game from the NJ Lottery.

8:05 am : Catch the  "Mets Morning Show Mash-Up"
Your mission is to correctly identify the 3 songs we "mash up" together. If youre successful, you'llscore tickets to see the Mets vs The Phillies on April 19th

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