The trial of ERIC FREIN starts TOMORROW in MILFORD

Its been two years and five months of gathering evidence and witnesses on one side, preparing a defense on the other, and efforts to secure the most objective jury possible.  Now, the time is finally at hand. 

Tomorrow will be the first day of Eric Frein’s trial (estimated to last four to six weeks) in Pike County Court in Milford.
 frein was the subject of a 48-day, multi-agency manhunt in the Poconos after the September 2014 fatal shooting of one trooper and wounding of another outside the state police Blooming Grove barracks.
 Frein, 33, of Canadensis, could face the death penalty if convicted of first-degree murder, the most serious of the charges against him. 

Said Michael Weinstein, one of Frein’s two attorneys.
I’ve defended in racketeering and other cases lasting longer than this, but this will be the longest death penalty case I’ve ever worked,”

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