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Monday , April 10th
Clear and sunny.  HI: 75
Here are some of todays TOP HEADLINES :

Mosquitoes, Ticks Are Coming for Us All This Summer
Employee Accidentally Shoots Self at NRA Headquarters
North Korea Promises 'Most Ruthless Blow' to US 

Guy Gets Screwed Out of a Slot Machine Jackpot, Because He Let a Woman Push the Button for Good Luck

    A 66-year-old guy named Jan Flato was gambling on a high-stakes slot machine at a casino in Fort Lauderdale about a month ago.  Each spin was $50, and he hit the jackpot for a HUNDRED GRAND. But then things went south for him REALLY fast.
    He was hanging out with a 35-year-old woman named Marina Navarro.  It's not clear why she was hanging with a dude in his mid-60s . . . but she claims they were "friends."  Anyway, on his winning spin, he asked HER to push the button for good luck.  And that turned out to be a very bad idea.
   Apparently casinos have a rule where the person who pulls the lever or pushes the button on a slot machine is technically the one who's gambling.  So SHE ended up winning the money, and he got nothing.
    Jan flipped out in the middle of the casino when they told him.  But security footage clearly showed Marina hitting the button.  So they gave her a check for 50 grand . . . another $50,000 in cash . . . and she left without him. She claims she offered to give him some of the money, but he started sending angry text messages.  So she's not giving him anything, and their "friendship" is over. 

~Miami Herald

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7:05 am its the NNJ Garden State Giveaway
  The Make-up artists have been doing double duty on SNL... and so has Alec Baldwin..  
Alec is obviously an S.N.L. favorite, but there is one former cast member has been banned from hosting "Saturday Night Live" ever again . . Mainly for being a jerk to the cast and crew.
Who was it ?
A ) Billy Crystal
B) Chevy Chase
C) Eddie Murphy

ALL THIS WEEK our winners will get a spot on our guest list to see 80's metal sensations ZEBRA at the Newton Theatre this Friday Night.

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