How would you spend $1000 ??

Monday , April 17th

Partly cloudy w. periods of sunshine this afternoon. HI 70

Heres todays line-up...                                        


Starting at 6am you'll have a chance to win $1,000 every hour until 9pm tonight. That's SIXTEEN CHANCES !!
 Just text the hourly keyword you hear to 200200 for your chance to win! 

A new keyword will be announced every hour giving you another chance to win!

7:05: The NNJ Garden State Giveaway

Heres todays QUESTION of THE DAY !!! 

" Lets go to the video tape"... 

Thanks to the internet , we've seen some pretty amazing videos lately that people have posted featuring their encounters  some HUGE Alligators and Crocodiles.
What kind of OTHER animal put one of those big beasts in its place on the video I featured in my blog at the end of last week ?

TODAYS WINNER grabs a handful of chances to win up to $20,000 with the "Kisses and Cash" game from the NJ Lottery...

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