Ready or not...Here we go !

Up and at 'em , Rockers !!  

Monday, April 24th
**ALLERGY ALERT** Mostly Cloudy. Hi 68

Rain tomorrow , HI 55 

The Thousand Dollar Cash Grab rolls on ...
Starting at 6am and continuing until 9pm ....Text the special keyword you'll hear a the top of EVERY HOUR to 200200 for your chance to win!
Can't text? Click here to enter

Your first chance to grab some tickets to Rock Ribs And Ridges happens at 7:05 with the
NNJ Garden State Giveaway
Heres you r Question of the Day
What football team was the first to sell nachos at their stadium ? ?  
 Howard Cosell ate them and talked about them during a slow "Monday Night Football" game there in 1978 . . and from that point on, other stadiums also started selling them.
A) Pittsburgh Steelers
B) Dallas Cowboys
C) Miami Dolphins

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