The Bells toll for Eric Frein

Thursday, April 27th
Fog this morning. Mostly cloudy this afternoon . HI 70

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7:05 The NNJ Garden State Giveaway
Heres your Question of the Day:  FREAK ACCIDENTS

On this Day  In 2006, ROLLING STONES guitarist KEITH RICHARDS was hospitalized for a MILD CONCUSSION, after he FELL while vacationing in the Fiji Islands. Doctors had to drill a hole into his skull to drain a blood clot on his brain . . . and then had to remove part of his skull in a SECOND operation after part of his brain collapsed.
What did he fall from :
A) a Ladder
B) a Palm Tree
C ) a Stage 

The first caller who knows the correct answer when we open the phone at 7:05 wins tickets to the 8th annual Rock Ribs & Ridges Festival this June at Sussex County Fairgrounds from our friends at Leinenkugel

  • Your Viral Video of the day .
  •  A commuter train in Belarus recently T-boned a car that turned in front of it.  Now the video from inside the train is making the rounds, because the conductor doesn't even flinch when it happens.                      Literally no reaction at all.            There's no word on whether anyone got hurt or not.

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