Ryan Seacrest or Megyn Kelly? Who would you watch?

You may or may not care about this but I found it interesting ...

     KELLY RIPA tried out 67 different guest co-hosts on "Live with Kelly" over 195 episodes since Michael Strahan's departure last May. 

   RYAN SEACREST served as a co-host five times during that time, and while he seems like a big high profile score, TheWrap.com points out that 19 other guest co-hosts averaged better ratings than he did. 

That doesn't mean a whole lot, because alot of them only hosted ONCE, including Jimmy Kimmel.

  He got the highest rating, but that's because he hosted the first show after Strahan left.  The ratings for single episodes can be affected by a lot of things, including guests.
   Of the guest co-hosts who did at least five episodes, Ryan is third behind Kelly's husband Mark Consuelos and Anderson Cooper.  There's talk that Anderson was Kelly's first choice, but that he couldn't work it around his CNN duties. 

Interestingly enough, the highest rated guest co-host behind Kimmel was former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.  And yesterday, NBC announced that Megyn's new show will replace the 9:00 A.M. hour of the "Today" show this fall.  Which will put it directly up against "Live with Kelly and Ryan".

Who will you be watching ? 

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