Two for Tuesday ... 16 more chances to grab $1000

Tuesday , May 2nd
Overnight thunderstorms move out making way for afternoon sunshine. HI 68

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More chances to win ROCK RIBS AND RIDGES TICKETS at 7:05 if you know the answer to todays
" NNJ Garden State Giveaway"
Here's the question of the day
ON THIS DAY  in 1994...
What celebrity was dismissed of criminal charges against him after he had shattered the windshield of another car with a golf club during an altercation.
A) Tiger Woods
B) Britney Spears
C) Jack Nicholson

And ... VIRAL VIDEO of the DAY !
 Its kinda like David and Goliath go to the farm ..I would have NEVER thought this could happen..
Sorry the title is a spoiler , but you still gotta see it for yourself!   

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