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Thursday , May 4th
Partly Cloudy HI: 60

Playboy Model's Photo Has the Maori Fuming

Woman May Go to Prison for Laughing in Sessions' Hearing

Deadly Tick Disease Has Experts Issuing Dire Warnings

Facebook to Hire 3,000 To Monitor Crime and Violence Posts

The Thousand Dollar Cash Grab continues

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7:05 The NNJ Garden State Giveaway
Heres your Question of the Day:  "BUCKET LIST" DESTINATIONS

 A recent survey found nearly 1/2 of older Americans have a bucket list, and traveling is the #1 thing they want to do.  What is the most popular "Bucket List" destination

A) Africa
B) Australia
C) Asia 

The first caller who knows the correct answer at 7:05 wins tickets to the ULTIMATE SUMMER DESTINATION : The 8th annual Rock Ribs & Ridges Festival this June at Sussex County Fairgrounds

And your viral video of the day..
 Does anyone remember when taking a airline trip meant " Flying the Friendly Skies"  ?

How times have changed ...

 check out these two passengers on an ANA Flight from Narita, Japan to LAX .
Video credit to Corey Hour

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