FRIDAY, May 5th Cinco De Mayo 


6:00am: $1000 Key word #1 

6:30am The NNJ Outdoor Minute with  Al Ivaney

7:00am $1000 Key word #2

7:05am The NNJ Garden State Giveaway Heres todays QUESTION of THE DAY. UNUSUAL MUSICIANS  :   Today is not only Cinco De Mayo, its also the international day to celebrate those unique musicians who play the big, loud instrument that is usually the backbone of any marching band. ( Except a Mariachi Band )( NO HINTS )

The first correct caller wins a pair of tickets to the 8th Annual Rock Ribs And Ridges Festival courtesy of Leinenkeugel

7:30 NNJ Sports Report 8:00 $1000 Key word #3

8:15 The NNJ Biker Report with Biker Billy Jr. -- Got a ride coming up? We want to know about it! Email us:

9:00am $1000 Keyword #4 

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