Here's whats happening today. Wednesday,May 24th.

Wednesday, May 24th
Mostly Cloudy. Occasional showers. HI 70
7:05am its the NNJ Garden State Giveaway...
Here's todays QUESTION of THE DAY:  
It was ON THIS DAY in 1959, that the first house was exhibited in Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania with a unique new "built -it" selling feature.
Was it....
A) an In-Ground Pool
B) a Bomb Shelter
C) Laundry room 

Our winner gets a handful of NJ Lottery Scratch off tickets that could pay-out up to $20,000

8:05am The"METS Morning Show Mash-Up"
Its simple ..just be the first caller to correctly identify the 3 songs we MASH -UP together to win tickets to see the Mets play the Milwaukee Brewers on MEMORIAL DAY during a late afternoon game at CitiField. (gametime 4:10pm)


Super Bowl LV Is Being Moved From Los Angeles.

Report: Manchester Bomber Was Previously Known To Authorities  

If You Invested $100 in Bitcoin in 2010, You'd Have $75M Now

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