It's RED NOSE DAY...only 4 days until Summer !!

Thursday, May 25th
Mostly cloudy with occasional showers all day . HI 60

Welcome To Red Nose Day!       

 In case you were wondering, it’s a fundraising campaign for Comic Relief Inc., a non-profit organization that launched in the US in 2015 to end child poverty around the world. 

We have another chance for you to score up to $20,000 with the NNJ Garden State Giveaway at 7:05.
Heres todays Question of The Day :
Everyone knows IKEA is the worlds largest " Ready to assemble" furniture retailer since at least 2008. 
Founded 74 years ago in Sweden (1943) by then-17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad, who was listed by Forbes Magazine (in its 2 November, 2015 issue) as one of the ten richest people in the world and the owner of a more than 40 billion dollar fortune. IKEA originally started as a mail order business that sold what ? 
A) Adult Toys
B) Pencils and Postcards
C) Swedish Meatballs

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