Welcome back. What was the #1 song this weekend ?

Tuesday, May 30th

Mostly cloudy , chance of showers or a thunderstorm. HI 65

7:05 The NNJ Garden State Giveaway!
Heres todays Question of the Day!
 What band made more money in royalties from their " Guitar Hero" video game than they made from any of their actual albums.
A) Aerosmith
B) Bon Jovi
C) Van Halen
Our winners this week will get tickets to see Mr. Big at the Newton Theatre on June 7th

Here are todays HOT HEADLINES from the long weekend:                            

 Tiger Woods Arrested for DUI in Florida

Gregg Allman Dead At 69

US Navy Parachutist Killed During Fleet Week Event

Mom Goes Shopping After Securing Kids In Car's Trunk 

Teachers Give Student "Terrorist" Award

In case you missed our Memorial day Top 500 countdown heres a peek at the Top 44 songs that made the list...INCLUDING #1


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