June 5th,2017. D.Y.K....It was on this day in...

Monday. June 5th
Mostly cloudy and overcast. Rain to begin this afternoon. HI 73

7:05 its the NNJ Garden State Giveaway.
Heres the Question of the Day...
Which of the following historical figures was NOT a composer of music ?

A) Peter Tchaikovsky
B) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
C) Pablo Picasso
D) George Frideric (or Frederick) Handel

Todays winner gets tickets to see Rocktopia at BethelWoods on August 12th.
Cebrating the fusion and majesty of classical music and the power of Classic Rock with the passion of opera.  Rocktopia delivers one-of-a-kind musical arrangements featuring the works of classical composers, rock bands and artists including Queen, Mozart, Journey, Handel, U2, Tchaikovsky, Heart, Beethoven, Styx, Foreigner, Rachmaninoff, Pink Floyd, Copland, The Who and more.

8:05 am
Ill give one lucky random caller chance to win a pair of passes to see the Big Apple Comedy Club a the Newton Theatre THIS SATURDAY at 8pm, With Ophira Eisenburg, Erin Jackson, Andrew Kennedy, and Joey Vega. 

Did You know it was "On This Day"...

in 1752, (as legend has it) Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in a storm to show that lightning is a form of electricity.

in 1846, a telegraph line opened between Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Today in 1865, the first safe-deposit vault was opened in New York City. Depositors paid $1.50 per year for each $1,000 stored within.

Today in 1927, Johnny Weissmuller set a pair of world records in swimming events. Weissmuller, who would soon become Tarzan in the movies, set marks in the 100-yard, and 200-yard, free-style swimming competition.

Today in 1933, President Roosevelt signed the bill that would take the United States off the gold standard.

Today in 1956, the Federal Court ruled racial segregation on Montgomery Buses anti-constitutional as part of the Browder v Gayle case citing 14th Amendment protections for equal treatment.

Today in 1981, the first case of AIDS was reported. In the 10 years following, more than 174,000 U.S. AIDS cases were reported.

Today in 1987, Ted Koppel and guests discussed the topic of AIDS during a four-hour edition on ABC-TV’s "Nightline." It is believed that this was a record for the longest live-TV broadcast, other than of space coverage and political conventions.

Today in 1990, authorities in Oakland County, Michigan, moved to prevent Dr. Jack Kevorkian from continuing to make available a suicide device that Janet Adkins, an Oregon woman diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, had used a day earlier to take her own life. 

Today in 2000, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count under an agreement that dropped murder charges in the stabbing deaths of two men outside a Super Bowl party in Atlanta.

Today in 2013, the first articles based on NSA leaked documents by Edward Snowden were published by the “Guardian” newspaper in the UK.

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