5 US Cities With the Most, Least Divorce

And they lived happily ever after ... in some cities more than others. 

A new report from 24/7 Wall St. looks at the US cities with the highest and lowest percentage of divorcees. The site acknowledges that a variety of factors can fuel a divorce but observes "it is more common in cities that share certain socioeconomic factors"—for instance, an older demographic versus a younger one.


  1. Carson City, Nev.: 17.9% of population is divorced
  2. Hot Springs, Ark.: 15.8%
  3. Grants Pass, Ore.: 15.6%


  1. Provo-Orem, Utah: 6.0%
  2. Ames, Iowa: 6.5%
  3. Logan, Utah-Idaho: 6.6%

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