Todays "Daily Agenda" : Wednesday, July 5th

Wednesday , July 5th.
Another beautiful day.... 
Clear / Partly cloudy HI 85

Here are todays HOT HEADLINES:

A guy named Mike Tingley in Grand Blanc Township, Michigan found a bees' nest in his garage on Monday morning.  And since it's early July, he had the perfect tool on hand to get rid of it:  FIREWORKS. Mike set off a bunch of fireworks inside his garage to try to destroy the nest and smoke out the bees. But . . . shockingly . . . his plan went terribly, and he accidentally BURNED DOWN the garage. Fortunately, no one was hurt.  And I'm assuming the nest burned up in the fire, so mission accomplished, I guess?

Heres some more...

Germany: Merkel's Party No Longer Calls U.S. A "Friend"

Human Life May Have No Limit

Doc Gave IUD to Pregnant Woman, Who Loses Baby

Phone Sex Worker Sues Firm for 'Draconian' Pay Setup 

5 US Cities With the Most, Least Divorce 

At 7:05 this morning , our NNJ Garden State Giveaway has a chance for you to win up to $20,000 with the NJ Lottery if you can answer this simple "Question Of The Day":
Who is rumored to become the next judge on American idol?

A) Axl Rose
B) Nikki Sixx
C) Eddie Vedder
d) Bruno Mars

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