Let this sink in for a minute...

I caught this article today in the NJ Herald and was almost sick to my stomach....

Not only is Eric Frein getting Food, Housing, Clothing and any Medical services he may require while awaiting his appeals and ultimate sentence to be carried out...A Pennsylvania judge just approved ANOTHER $55,000 for a NEW defense attorneys fees for the sniper who killed a PA State trooper and wounded another. 

The court had also previously approved spending on various experts including private detectives and defense experts. They also approved a neuropsychologist who examined Frein to the tune of a whopping $126,000. 

Total cost as reported so far .. $426,000  

    Now...look...  Im all for everyones right to a fair and impartial trial, BUT... IN MY OPINION... If you're a CONVICTED KILLER, ( Child Molester, Rapist, Animal Abuser or any other type of person convicted of ANY heinous crime against humanity or malicious abuse or killing of defenseless animal) instead of being held in jail and completely provided for during the term of the imposed sentence, or mercifully put to death ( which takes a VERY LONG TIME in the courts before it actually happens).. you should immediately become a test subject in the medical and cosmetic testing laboratories around the world.
    Instead of inflicting that unnecessary pain and cruelty on innocent animals. Not only would the results of the testing be more accurate, it would be a HUGE deterrent for future would be criminals. Not to mention YOUR / MY hard earned money would (or could) be used in more beneficial ways to provide money for better local and state programs rather than to DEFEND a CONVICTED KILLER.

Think about that for a minute...and again , that's just my opinion!

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