Metal Drummer Braves Hurricane Irma to Save Injured Kitten

Obituary drummer Donald Tardy is being lauded today for risking injury or worse—and braving Hurricane Irma's wrath—all to find and save an injured kitten from certain death during the storm.

The drummer writes in an op-ed for Revolver magazine, he noticed there was a tiny kitten hanging around a house in his neighborhood on the eve of the storm. He says he contacted the homeowners, but was discouraged when they refused to help him trap it.

Tardy says he initially tried to save the kitten anyway, but after a couple hours he returned home to finish prepping for the storm. That night, he says he couldn't sleep knowing the kitten faced almost certain death when the storm hit.

"I went back in the pouring rain with my net and trap," he writes. "I snuck up the front bushes where I thought the kitten would be hiding. I saw it immediately, but it saw me as well, and ran from me."

But something was wrong, Tardy continues.

"Its back end was not working right; it had a bad limp, and its back legs didn't seem to be working properly...I was not going to leave it behind."

Tardy says he pressed further into the bushes until the kitten ran from him again. Fortunately, Tardy says the injury slowed the baby feline down enough that he was able to dive towards it across his neighbor's driveway, catching it with his net.

When the storm passed, Tardy brought the kitten to the vet for treatment, where he learned the animal had suffered some severe trauma and lost feeling in its tail.

"Sadly, her tail had to be amputated, but she will nonetheless be fixed, vaccinated and entered into an adoption program to find a forever home as a special needs pet."

Tardy acknowledges going after the kitten "wasn't the smartest or safest decision" he's ever made, but his conscience didn't allow him to stay home.

Read the full story (and see a photo of the lucky kitten) here.

Photos: Getty Images

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