9 Players Take Head Blows, High School Forfeits Game

A high school team in Canada forfeited a game Friday after nine players suffered head injuries, CBC News reports. 

The coach of the Ecole L'Odyssee Olympiens says he had no choice after four members of the team in New Brunswick showed symptoms of concussion, including vomiting. "We had to forfeit the game for players' safety and security," Marcel Metti says. 

The teens with concussion symptoms were still feeling ill on Sunday, he says. Metti declined to discuss what happened during the game against the Titans; the match was called midway, with the Titans leading 35-0. "I'm not going to get into that. It's part of the football game," he says. But Titans coach Scott O'Neal says the Olympiens "were outmatched, that's as simple as it was. That's how football is."

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