Dee Snider Calls Celebs Wearing Metal T-Shirts "Pretty Sickening"

The trend of wearing a metal band t-shirts as a fashion accessory has been in style for more than a year now. Celebs like Kanye West, Kim Kardhasian, Gigi Hadid, Jaden Smith, and more have all been photographed rocking shirts from Metallica, Slayer, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana and more. While it's wrong to assume that they don't actually listen to these bands (they don't), the trend has made its way to fast fashion outlets like Urban Outfitters and Top Shop, who will now sell you an overpriced Iron Maiden shirt with a couple of holes in it. Posers now flood the streets wearing metal band shirts....and they don't even listen to the band! It's truly a hell on earth! 

Certain musicians like James Hetfield don't seem to mind but Twisted Sister frontman and incredible dresser Dee Snider took to Twitter to blast it, calling the trend "sickening."

Dee decided he wasn't going to take it anymore and vented, "Gotta say, this new trend of non-metal fans wearing vintage metal T's if pretty sickening. Metal is not ironic! Dicks" 


Many of his followers defended the trend. User @DeathTongue62 replied, "Dude, we in the metal community should accept everyone. Sure they’re posers but at least their fashion sense is getting better," and we have to say, DeathTongue62 has a great point. Heavy metal IS for everyone, doesn't matter if you're rich or poor.  


Another great response added that the shirts may introduce kids to those great metal bands from the 80's. "Maybe it takes a kid liking a t-shirt to start a convo about said band and kid is opened up to a new world of music they might not have," @bones52768 added. 


Dee's frustration is completely understandable but the appropriation of metal is just validation that the genre is true, authentic, and has a unique rebellious spirit fashion designers can only hope to capture. 

Photo Credit: Getty 


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