He Was Fishing, Then Came a Barrage of Bullets

Family members are shocked after police declined to press charges in a shooting death at one of South Florida's top illegal shooting ranges.

 Lawrence Ramdass, 46, was fishing at Holey Land Wildlife Management Area in Palm Beach County in July when he was struck in the chest as some 15 bullets came "out of nowhere," reports the Washington Post

Only they didn't: After a three-month investigation, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says the bullet that killed Ramdass came from a .45-caliber gun two men were firing into a berm covered in "brush and tall grass," unaware Ramdass was boating on the other side about a third of a mile away, reports the South Florida Sun Sentinel. The paper notes 125 people have been caught illegally firing guns in the same area, all but three receiving warnings.

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