New Controversial Kentucky Law To Protect Pets Trapped Inside Cars

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We have all heard about animals being trapped inside sealed vehicles on the news, and we all hope we never see this infuriating situation happening ourselves. Finally, it appears one state is making an effort to crack down on this neglectful behavior.

It always seems to crop up from time to time, and despite the media firestorm that surrounds it each time, it appears that not everyone understands how dangerous this can be.

The biggest issue with dogs being stuck inside cars is the fact that they have difficulty regulating their body temperature. They rely on panting instead of sweating due to their fur, and this greatly reduces their moisture content and increases their overall body heat.

Often, owners who forget to open a window for their canine companions also do not leave a bowl of water for them to drink from. This is a serious problem, as it only takes a few minutes before the heat can begin to have a negative effect on their vital organs.

So what is Kentucky doing to protect pets who have been left defenseless?

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