Brave New World of Home Deliveries Has Arrived


Amazon has been working on ideas about how to foil "porch pirates," and on Wednesday it unveiled a service to do just that—by removing the porch from the equation. 

The only catch is customers will have to be OK with giving a delivery person access to their front door. The system, called Amazon Key, uses a combination of a "smart lock" and a security camera to allow delivery drivers to drop a package inside the door. 

Here's a look at the details and reaction:

  • How it works: Customers buy a $250 kit that includes the camera, called Cloud Cam, and the smart lock. The system allows the delivery person to open the door (with a knock first) and drop off the box, and the customer gets notifications and can watch it on video live or later. Amazon has an explainer here, along with a video of how it works. The drivers are from Amazon itself, not UPS, FedEx, etc.

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