Former Top US Officials Warn: "UFOs Are Real"

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A team of former high-level government scientists and aerospace officials recently came forward to declare their belief in alien life.

The team is made up of deep space researchers, key members of the Defense for Intelligence, Program Director for Lockheed Martin, and various CIA operatives, all previously employed by the United States government.

Their allegations specifically make mention of unidentified crafts of unknown origin, but all are in agreement that these cases are definitely not human.

The astounding revelations were announced at the launch of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, a Public Benefit Corporation that seeks to "advance research into unexplained phenomena and develop related technology" in the areas of Science, Aerospace, and Entertainment.

Their mission objective is first to provide evidence of these unidentified aerial phenomena (UAO) so that all citizens and governments understand the viability of the threats, and next, to develop the technology itself.

In fact, the evidence they are about to present they say is of such clarity and depth that there will no longer exist any doubt of this phenomena...

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