Nearly Naked Man Caught Speeding And Covered In Vaseline

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A deputy sheriff made an outlandish arrest in Enid, Oklahoma when he pulled over a man for speeding, only discover the culprit adorning a thong and covered in Vaseline.

John Wayne Kellerman, 54, was originally pulled over for driving 57 in a 45 mph zone. When Garfield County Deputy Darryl Beebe walked over to Kellerman's car, he found Vasline on his hands, and his upper and lower body parts.  He also discovered a pornographic magazine and an empty tub of Vaseline beside him, reports the Huffington Post.

When Beebe inquired Kellerman about his particular circumstance, he admitted to masturbating behind the wheel. Sgt. Logan Niles was called to the scene to complete a vehicle inventory, and found the driver's side "extremely greasy."

But what he handed the officer landed him in real trouble.

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