Trump Issues Stern Warning To North Korea

President Trump is sending a stern warning to North Korea.  Speaking to the South Korean National Assembly last night, Trump said the North should not underestimate or try the U.S.  He argued that the U.S. and allies will not be intimidated or blackmailed by the threat of nuclear weapons.  Trump called for a greater international effort to curb the North's nuclear program.  He said the North must embrace total de-nuclearization.  Trump warned that a provocative action by North Korea would be fatal miscalculation. Trump condemned what he called the "twisted regime" in North Korea.  He argued that the North is ruled like a cult and is a "hell that no person deserves."  

Trump said the North Korean people continue to suffer at the hands of tyrannical leaders.  He noted that the North rewards political loyalty and punishes dissent.  Trump also said too many North Koreans die of hunger.

Photo: AOL

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