Texas Shooting Victims Could Sue US—and Win


First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, often recorded its church services, raising the disturbing possibility that Sunday's massacre was captured on video. 

Now the New York Times reports that such a gruesome video does indeed exist. One law enforcement official says it shows Devin Kelley firing continuously for about seven minutes, "methodically shooting his victims—including small children—in the head, execution-style," the Times notes.

 Other developments in the investigation:

  • Victims could sue the US: Survivors and families of the victims should sue the US government over the shooting—because they'd probably win, writes law professor John Culhane at Politico. Typically, suing the government is all but impossible because of sovereign immunity, but the Federal Torts Claims Act allows exceptions for "garden-variety negligence," and the "appalling" failure of the Air Force to enter the shooter's name into a national gun database may qualify as such.

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