Court Orders Zoo To Stop Letting Children Swim With Crocodiles

There are hundreds of zoos and animal-oriented theme parks around the world, and more than a few of these places have decided to up their revenue by offering the option to meet these animals in person.

Plenty of places offer services like swimming with dolphins, scuba diving with manta rays, feeding and interacting with wild birds and reptiles of all shapes and sizes, and for the really bold, even getting into a cage and being inches away from giant sharks! Interacting with these creatures can genuinely be a life-changing experience, and tons of people decide to take the plunge every year.

Of course, dealing with wild animals is always VERY unpredictable, and a large amount of legal paperwork has to be done before most places are allowed to let grown, consenting adults near some of these potentially dangerous creatures, let alone kids. So, a court recently ruled that the Crocodile Zoo in Germany can no longer let kids swim with their titular reptiles

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