Parents Outraged As Diner Begins Charging Kids Extra

A diner in Wayne, New Jersey is coming under fire for adding an 18% gratuity on the bills of children unaccompanied by their parents.

As a frequent customer with her family at Wayne Hills Diner and Restaurant, Melissa Desch was shocked when she discovered an automatic tip was added to her 11-year-old daughter's bill.

"My daughter was coming to me, telling me that every time she and her friends went to the diner, they're being charged the gratuity," Desch told WCBS-TV. "And when I asked her why, she said [it's] because they're children."

Desch said she, along with several other parents have begun boycotting the establishment in defiance over the the new upsurge.

"There are enough parents that are willing to not let their kids go back there, and if it's the same group [my daughter is] always hanging out with, it could be 20-30 kids," Desch said. "I'm never going to go back, not after this."

Despite the backlash, the diner's owners have defended their new policy.

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